650 - Hammer Time feat. Brace Belden (8/1/22)

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We’re joined by special investigator Brace Belden to look into the increasingly bizarre saga of the Black Hammer group, which recently made news as subject of a police raid, a suspicious death among their group members, criminal accusations against their leader, and now accusations of being part of a foreign influence operation. We discuss all this as well as the political value of Being Normal. Dates + Ticket links to TrueAnon’s live shows: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tour-general-no-69113927 Dates + Tickets for OUR live shows (including the Ft. Lauderdale show now rescheduled to 10/30) are here: chapotraphouse.com/live Streaming tickets for our Pickathon fest set at Noon (PST) next Saturday, 8/6 are available at: https://frqncy.live/pickathon/?r=52e3

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