#11006 Ask a Priest - Fr. Samuel Keyes

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Manage episode 354215589 series 73219
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Questions Covered: 02:10 – Did God create the earth with oil as a necessity for it to function and rotate the way it does or did he only make oil to be a resource to man? 05:53 – I have my moms ashes and she wasn’t Catholic. Would I be able to get them blessed by a priest? 10:30 – As a Catholic, how can I explain to protestant girlfriend that going to her church doesn’t fulfill my Sunday obligation? 15:55 – I was married civilly in another country and then divorced. Could I remarry in the Church? 19:06 – I want to marry in the Church but my significant other is divorced. The priest did bless that marriage after being bribed. Can we get married and if not, how do we live in the good graces of the Church? 23:07 – What is the Church’s teaching on what happens after death? What does the Church teach about ghosts? 30:36 – If Mary has free will, how can she be kept from sinning? 37:30 – Is baptism necessary for salvation? 46:47 – A Baptist minister claimed that Catholics have the wrong bible translation. He claimed that the real manuscripts are sitting in a safety deposit box in Texas. Have you heard of this? How do I respond? 50:40 – What’s the process to join the Ordinariate? 52:35 – What happens to the souls in purgatory when Christ returns? …

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