#10919 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer

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Questions Covered: 06:01 – What proof is there that the Catholic Church existed before the 3rd century. A Protestant challenged me on that. 12:39 – Why does the Old Testament sound so harsh? It feels like we cherry pick what we follow from it. 18:25 – Would killing a sentient robot be considered murder? 20:51 – What would be a good book to learn about the Marian dogmas? 30:30 – How do I convince an atheist or agnostic that God is real in simple terms? 32:59 – If the keys were given alone to Peter, how do we reconcile the Church fathers not recognizing that? 37:46 – How do we know the bible is the real Word of God? 44:40 – How do I refute the claim that abortion is self-defense? 49:11 – What’s the difference between the deity of Christ and the divinity of Christ? 51:28 – In Matthew 24 Jesus talks about the great tribulation. What did Jesus mean by it? …

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