#10994 How Do You Explain Grace to Children? - Tim Staples

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Open Forum – Questions Covered: 01:54 – Why did Joseph receive the birthright, but the blessing went to Judah? Weren’t they usually given to the same person? Why were they separated? 08:31 – Is it a sin to look at pictures of women in bikinis? 13:28 – Is the rosary the high form of devotional prayer? Does praying rosary without focusing on the prayers fall under vain repetition? 23:35 – Would asking saints to reveal the future count as necromancy? 28:51 – Why are extraordinary ministers not allowed to do intinction? 31:55 – What Church is the Church mentioned in the book of Revelation? 36:25 – How do you explain grace to kids about to do their first communion? 41:25 – What do the hand placements of the Infant of Prague statue mean? Does it have something to do with Tarot cards? 47:00 – 2 Sam 6-7 mentions someone being struck down after reaching up to touch the Ark. Is it possible that this might have happened to St. Joseph when potentially reaching to touch Mary? 51:12 – Regarding the second commandment, how should one take it into consideration in daily life? For example, in conversations and watching movies. …

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