#10999 How Do We Know Peter Went to Rome? - Jimmy Akin

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Open Forum – Questions Covered: 03:29 – Can purgatory be experienced on earth? 12:08 – When did Jesus realize he was God? 17:21 – My mother with dementia sometimes goes to mass with us. She’s protestant and sometimes gets confused on receiving communion. How should I approach this? 21:54 – I go to an Institute of Christ the King parish . I heard the pope was going to ban all Latin masses. Is this true? 29:03 – Are Adam and Eve symbolic or real people that existed? 32:12 – The bible says that Jesus could not do miracles in Nazareth. Why does it say that he could not instead choose not to? 35:57 – What is an indulgence? 42:24 – I was challenged by a Catholic that the pope can attempt to bind the faithful to heresy. Is this true? 47:11 – How do we know that Peter was in Rome? 52:11 – Can an absolving priest make a positive endorsement of the penitent saying that there is no impediment to allowing them to move forward? …

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