#10995 The Why’s of Catholic Belief - Karlo Broussard

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Questions Covered: 05:47 – Why do we connect the Old Testament with the New Testament? Sometimes connecting the themes is a stretch. 13:12 – Do Catholics believe in an unholy trinity? 18:18 – Why do Catholics acknowledge Jesus as God and not just the son of God as the bible says? 24:24 – Why don’t Catholics recognize Jesus’ brothers and sisters? 37:20 – Why do we sometimes say the author of Hebrews as Paul but other times we don’t? 41:54 – Why would a priest allow non-Catholics to receive communion? 45:35 – Why do Catholics believe that the Catholic Church is the one true Church based on the Eucharist instead of the presence of the Trinity at Mass? 52:00 – Why should we abide by the 5 precepts of the Church? …

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