#10914 Open Forum - Tim Staples

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Questions Covered: 02:01 – did Mary have the beatific vision? Where is the line between making jokes and being blasphemous and sacrilegious? 08:18 – Did Zoroastrianism influence Judaism or Christianity? 21:20 – In the Nicene Creed it says that Jesus will come the living and the dead, does that mean that those who have died are in the state limbo waiting for Jesus to return? 28:53 – What’s the Church’s understanding of personhood? 41:06 – If a priest is in the state of mortal sin and celebrates mass, is it proper for him to receive communion? 45:39 – What do you know about the origins of priests celebrating mass 3 times a day on Christmas? 48:15 – If God forgives all sins during confession, what are judged for after we die? 52:58 – Jesus breathed on the apostles giving them the Holy Spirit and then the apostles received the Holy Spirit again on Pentecost. Did they get a double dose or was it a different spirit? …

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