95: Remember Import VS Domestic, the NEW Stang, GR Corolla Reviews, This Cadillac LYRIQ Ad is So Bad

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In the BIG 9-5 Coyne starts it off talking about how he realized he actually isn't a great driver without traction control, and reminisces about the Import VS Domestic war that seems to have gone away. NEWS FLASH: There's a new mustang coming, and it is very mediocre, which starts the BROS down a path talking about how anything that isn't incredible is perceived as bad these days. This leads to talking about how V8s have been good for so long, that new ones don't seem as impressive. Next on the docket Garrett talks about the GR Corolla reviews that came out last week, and how it's expectedly really good. Speaking of cars that are hard to buy, Coyne brings up a Cadillac LYRIQ advertisement that he heard on a podcast and for the next several minutes the BROS just rip in to it at how bad and un-descriptive it is about trying to sell the car. And finally, tipping 2.0 Enjoy CAR BROS? Support us through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4494333

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