94: Hearses, Rolling Stop Signs, Type R Horsepower, NSX VS C8, Zero Mile Cars

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This episode starts off strong with Coyne telling a story about passing a hearse on a freeway on ramp, followed by seeing a car blow a stop sign while in a downtown setting. Next the BROS discuss the Honda Type R's recently revealed horsepower numbers and how they think it will compare to the Corolla GR now that influencers got to drive it. Also, as cool as the new NSX is, why would you buy one instead of a base C8? Moving on, now that basic commuter cars have become so nice, what makes a modern luxury car so "luxurious"? Next up Coyne talks about a 6-mile 2003 Cobra he saw on bring a trailer, and the guys discuss what would compel a person to do this to a car? And finally... Enjoy CAR BROS? Support us through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4494333

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