CJ Madsen

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Conductor, composer, pianist, CJ Madsen, with his mom, Laura, won LDSPMA’s 2021 Praiseworthy Award for “I Saw a Pillar of Light” in the Audiovisual-Recorded Music category. A recent graduate of Brigham Young University, CJ earned both a bachelor’s degree in piano performance and a master’s degree in choral conducting. CJ’s most recent project culminated in the June 2022 world premiere performance of his opera, "He Shall Prepare a Way", based on events from the first seven chapters of “The Book of Mormon”. The opera performance was directed by his wife, Samm, who recently graduated in theater and dramaturgy. Next to God, CJ’s top two sources of inspiration and support are Samm and Laura.


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“I Saw a Pillar of Light” composed by Laura Madsen, arranged and conducted by CJ Madsen

“He Shall Prepare a Way” opera by CJ Madsen


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