The Step-By-Step Strategy To Finding Off-Market Deals With Axel Ragnarsson

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Learn the exact strategies and tactics Axel Ragnarsson and his team use to build a full pipeline of off-market deals that have built-in upside from day 1.

[00:31] Intro.
[01:36] Axel’s background growing up in an entrepreneurial family.
[03:01] Axel share the details of his business, Aligned Real Estate Partners.
[04:35] Key concepts in Axel’s game plan. Buying property, value add and being able to pay investors.
[05:05] Axel talks about his first deals in Real Estate.
[05:45] How Axel grew his portfolio by working with private lenders to finance his deals
[07:37] Mid to large multifamily deals in Axel’s portfolio.
[07:52] What to look for in a property.
[08:32] Axel narrates a case scenario to explain what he means by “discount day one”
[10:41] Axel shares more about the strategy they use to find great deals that enable them to deliver for their investors and offer great returns.
[11:00] Axel talks about going for markets that are Mom-and-pop owners
[12:36] How marketing through direct mail is giving Axel’s business good results
[14:42] How to best use cold calling as a strategy.
[15:29] Networking.
[17:21] Establishing great relationship with a seller in order to become their top priority
[20:10] Figuring out your competitive advantage.
[20:45] Axel explains what motivated him to want to change markets.
[23:20] Axel talks about his podcast and meet ups; The multifamily wealth podcast

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