The #1 Skill In Today’s Market For Transactional Investors With International Wholesaler Jefferson Ortiz

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Learn from seasoned international wholesaler Jefferson Ortiz about his most valuable skill, and how to quickly and instantly gain access to an incredible network on qualified and motivated buyers and investors.

If you’re a wholesaler, flipper, or other type of transactional investor, this episode is for you. Learn the most valuable skill an investor in today’s market can have and how to instantly gain access to a large network of motivated buyers, and accelerate your investing career with international wholesaler, Jefferson Ortiz

[00:26] Intro
[02:02] Jeff shares his journey in wholesaling and his experience so far
[03:16] The importance of working with the right mentor in Real Estate investing
[04:49] The value of networking
[05:36]Jeff’s first ever wholesale transaction
[08:27] How Jeff got his deals when starting off in the wholesaling space
[09:41] Jeff’s take on the building of a reliable pipeline of buyers and sellers
[11:31] Elements Jeff looks for in buyers for them to qualify
[13:41] Red flags wholesalers should look out for
[15:29] Why Jeff enjoys being a part of the multifamily space
[18:49] The seven course module for aspiring wholesalers
[21:55] How to find market deals

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