E3: Valerie Stadler, Founding Partner, Big Swing Productions

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For this episode, Kaily and Randi are speaking with producer, Valerie Stadler. Valerie discusses her humble beginnings in the industry, where they led her, and how she has grown into a champion for new storytellers.

Valerie Stadler started her career as the co-founder of Fat Chance Films where she developed the play PREY FOR ROCK & ROLL, which was adapted into a feature film. She then went on to produce CAVE-DWELLER for Showtime starring Kyra Sedgwick and Aidan Quinn, LIFE OF A KING starring Cuba Gooding Jr, SUNSET STORIES—which also marked her debut as a screenwriter—and the feature documentary FALLEN STAR: FINDING HOME, which she also co-directed. Stadler was the head of Production and Development for Fluency, a multi platform studio under NBCU Hispanic Enterprises where she Executive Produced several films, including FAT CAMP which sold to BET. In winter 2017, Valerie along with partners Kyra Sedgwick and Meredith Bagby formed Big Swing Productions. Committed to celebrating new heroes and amplifying bold voices by focusing on stories with heart and purpose, they believe "we all deserve the chance to take a big swing."

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