how to find the best books for your weight inclusive reading list with Amy Rapone, MS, RD

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CALLING ALL BOOK LOVERS! Is your anti-diet, body positive “TO BE READ” pile just eyeing you, collecting dust? In this episode, Amy Rapone MS, RD (@radlovenutrition), fellow Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian, talks about:

  • How to find the best books for your Intuitive Eating and body image journey
  • Fiction vs. non-fiction books - which are better to support your understanding of yourself and the anti-diet, fat positive philosophy?
  • The importance of telling fat stories for individual healing and to push back on biased body standards we see in society
  • How book club discussions can help you understand different lived experiences from your own
  • Tips to “jump in” on your growing anti-diet book list, without it feeling like homework!

Amy kindly shares her favorite, curated book list for you to stock your bookshelf. Here’s her Affiliate Link:

If you *have* the books, but just aren’t reading, I highly recommend you find community and join Amy’s next book club! Enroll today and you’ll start on 10/18/2022:

Episode Resources:

Want coaching support through Melissa's No Guilt Framework? Right now, Melissa is only accepting 1:1 clients. However, may entertain bringing back groups in time for 2023 for the right set of women really ready to do this work! If you are interested in staying in the loop of any upcoming groups, you can put your name on the waitlist here:

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