The Key of Heartburn

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Greetings, Mortals!

As our heroes Brazzos and Adramire continue their search for the person behind the potion of everlasting life, and Brazzos' strange planar-jumping tattoo, they find themselves at the edge of the Town of Turnstile.

Will some newfound allies and their Temple of Flame help solve the mystery? Or will they unlock horrors greater than the mind can imagine? And why don't some of them wear pants?

Break the Dice is an improvised podcast in the style of a classic D&D adventure.

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Our performers:

Game Master / Allen Voigt: Insta: @prettgoodstories

Brazzos / Lucas Vonasek: Insta: @Vonwalrus

Adramire / Joe Rapp: Twitter and Insta: @fakejoerapp

NPC / MJ Marsh: Insta: @mj_marsh_

NPC / Tyler Mills: Twitter: @tydmills

Accompanist / Jack Barrett: Website:, Insta: @jackbarrettmusic

Some background ambiance courtesy of: Tabletop Audio // Support them on Patreon

Enter of Giveaway courtesy of Mox Boarding House!

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