The Gloves of Delayed Memory Loss

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Greetings, Mortals!

After traveling through a magical shrine portal, Brazzos and Adramire find themselves trapped inside the Plane of Fire. It wouldn't be half bad if it wasn't currently being devoured by a gigantic inter-dimensional monster. How will our two adventurers escape? And why does the monster seem to follow them wherever they go -- even across planes of existence? Find out!

Break the Dice is an improvised podcast in the style of a classic D&D adventure.

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Our performers:

Game Master / Allen Voigt: Insta: @prettgoodstories

Brazzos / Lucas Vonasek: Insta: @Vonwalrus

Adramire / Joe Rapp: Twitter and Insta: @fakejoerapp

NPC / MJ Marsh: Insta: @mj_marsh_

NPC / Tyler Mills: Twitter: @tydmills

Accompanist / Jack Barrett: Website:, Insta: @jackbarrettmusic

Some background ambiance courtesy of: Tabletop Audio // Support them on Patreon

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