Chia Jeng Yang: FTX Meltdown vs. SE Asia Crypto, Blockchain Regulators & Web3 Founder Advice

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Chia is an Investor at Pantera Capital, one of the first institutional investors in crypto. He was previously Principal at Saison Capital, a FinTech-focused venture capital fund

Previously he was the fifth employee for Antler, the leading global pre-team venture builder. He also both invested and launched markets for them in Europe. He was also at Rocket Internet where he helped build out an eCommerce company in Pakistan and Sri Lanka that was bought by Alibaba.

He also angel invests in the marketplace and consumer startups in emerging markets like Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Egypt. His educational background includes a law undergraduate degree from Cambridge. He likes indie music, and hiking and writes about venture capital on his website, which can be found at

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