Working with crocodiles in Cuba with Natalia Rossi

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Natalia is the country director at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Cuba. She is a herpetologist, has a PhD from Columbia University and is a specialist in the American crocodile.

From Columbia University in New York to working with crocodiles in the mangroves of Cuba, Natalia tells us about her work as a woman in conservation and particularly with crocodiles. From surveying nesting sites to jumping out of boats to capture crocodiles in nets at night, her job is definitely not for the faint hearted!

Natalia also participated in the creation of a new marine protected area. She is passionate about what she calls ‘conservation in action’, where you are not only a biologist but also understand the problems on the ground and work closely with local people to find solutions.

If you are passionate about these issues, Natalia also believes there is no better time to join this field!
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Cecilia Poullain
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Music: Stephen Marquis
Editing: Talal Bouroki

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