Protecting marine megafauna in Bangladesh with Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur

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Elisabeth is the Senior Manager of the Marine Conservation Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Bangladesh. Her main focus is on protecting threatened marine megafauna.

Elisabeth grew up in Switzerland and started her career as a teacher. In 2002, she moved to Bangladesh, married a Bangladeshi and ‘fell into’ conservation work. When she was working as a tour guide in the Sundarban forest, she and her husband became aware of the lack of protection of aquatic ecosystems in Bangladesh. Thanks to her encounter with Brian Smith, a mentor from the Wildlife Conservation Society, she began a program for protecting threatened marine megafauna. She talks in detail about the successes of the program, both in protecting the megafauna and in obtaining the support of the local people.

Although there are difficulties in living in Bangladesh, Elisabeth finds that there is a lot of space for creativity and innovation and the freedom to try things out. She also takes great pride in the growing conservation movement and is a strong supporter of the professional development of people who are interested and keen in pursuing this career.
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