Transatlantic Calls with Shirley Reynozo

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Shirley is of Dominican origin and grew up in New York City. She studied sociology and anthropology, focussing on colonialism and racial and feminist dynamics. She has multiple mediums of communication - writing, singing and photography - and speaks multiple languages. But her message remains the same: what is it to be a black woman in today’s society?

She has just released her fabulous new single, "Transatlantic Calls" under the stage name "møya rey".
I would love to hear any comments you might have on this episode and respond to any questions. You can find me on the Brave New World Facebook page, on Linkedin or on my website:

Cecilia Poullain
Founder of Brave New Women
Coach - Empowering Women to Find their Voice

Music: Stephen Marquis
Editing: Talal Bouroki

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