Growing up in postwar Central London with author J M Philips

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Jill Philips is the author of "Lamlash Street, a portrait of 1960s, postwar London through one family's story". In this episode, Jill talks about why it was so important for her to write a book about growing up in Cockney London after the war.

From food rationing to swimming lessons, Jill gives us an insight into the reality of life in the heart of Cockney London only a few short decades ago.
She talks about her relationship with her mother and how unusual it was for her mother to have insisted on Jill pursuing an education after the age of 16, especially in a culture where men traditionally made all the decisions for the family and girls' education was not a priority.

In writing the book, she came to understand how important family was to her and what a strong support system she had had growing up, with family and friends all living close by. This gave her a sense of safety and helped her to succeed later in life.

It took her three years to write the book, with the help of a writing coach. Her family and friends were sceptical about her writing a book, which is why she chose someone who was not going to let her future be determined by what she had achieved in the past.
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Cecilia Poullain
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Editing: Talal Bouroki

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