Being a woman and a mother in the film industry with Nikki Petersen

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Nikki is an American film director and producer based in Paris. She speaks about working in the film industry as a woman and as a mother.

Nikki studied film in Paris and quickly realised that it was a male dominated industry. Luckily, she had a lot of support from women. She started freelancing as a journalist and producer for CNN in Paris straight out of school, then freelanced for a few years until she created her own creative agency.

Nikki is passionate about avoiding biais towards women in the film industry. ’It’s important to have women in the film industry so that they can tell real and accurate stories that portray them as people and not just as women looking for love interests. When you start giving women cameras and the freedom to film things, you start getting some very interesting scenes and very different viewpoints.’

Nikki lost a pregnancy at 5 months. She now also creates spaces for people to grieve about losing late-term pregnancies.
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