A career in journalism with Anne Bagamery

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Anne Bagamery had a fantastic career as a journalist and editor working, among others, for the New York Times Style magazine and the International Herald Tribune. In 2017, she started a business providing communication services to corporations, nonprofits and news organisations.

At 14, Anne’s English teacher handed her an essay she had written and told her she should write fiction or be a journalist. She chose the latter and took any opportunity she could to write!

If you want to know what it takes to have a career as a journalist, you'll love hearing how Anne managed her career and the lightbulb moment she had while working for Forbes!
I would love to hear any comments you might have on this episode and respond to any questions. You can find me on the Brave New World Facebook page, on Linkedin or on my website: www.ceciliapoullain.com

Cecilia Poullain
Founder of Brave New Women
Coach - Empowering Women to Find their Voice

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Editing: Talal Bouroki

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