Resurrection (1999) TEASER

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This Bible fanfiction film borrows elements from police procedurals and film noir in the way it depicts Roman centurions in Bible times as fast talking cops. Claudius was assigned to guard Jesus’s crucifixion and then later his tomb, but what should have been an easy assignment turns bizarre when he sees a bright flash of light and awakens to find the tomb is empty. His superiors at the centurion academy, and the high priests, want to silence him from revealing evidence that Jesus could really be the Messiah. Christian filmmakers are obsessed with finding novel ways to reframe stories we’ve heard a million times — RESURRECTION is genuinely one of the better and sillier examples of this type of story in the way the centurions are supposed to mirror police media tropes of today. The Boys enjoy a loose and comfy bonus episode where our ideas for centurion adaptations of modern cop movies takes us down a million stupid rabbit holes.

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