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The newest installment of Julian’s ongoing series fixating on Christian magicians brings us to the work of Justin Flom, a slick and shiny illusionist with a Macklemore haircut and over 2 billion views on his Facebook and YouTube pages. His family friendly vibe and social media savvy make him the perfect entertainer for your megachurch or corporate events. His extensive resume includes appearances everywhere from Hillsong Church to the Ellen Show. But most importantly, he is not afraid to be an out and open man of God! His original sleight of hand tricks and bizarre food-related viral videos put a spotlight on God and country — he credits both God for his gift and America’s armed forces for fighting for his freedom to practice it. Ash and Julian investigate how Justin managed to beat the algorithm. Is he a demon in youth pastor’s clothing? Would you let him saw your newborn baby in half? Is he the only Christian artist with the capacity to truly penetrate the mainstream?

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