Easter Special 2022!

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He is risen! Is Easter Sunday one of the holiest and most treasured days of the Christian calendar, or does it represent a corruption of the church by pagan values meant to expose our kids to dangerous sex magick? We’ve selected a diverse program of films to help us grapple with this spiritual crisis. Our discussion begins with a handwritten letter the Jehovah’s Witnesses sent to Bible Boy Scott to invite him to their “Memorial for Christ’s Death” — a non-celebratory Easter alternative by the strictest of the Christian sects. Eager to know more, we watched one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ insane, text-heavy video slideshows to learn about Easter’s pagan origins. We were shocked by this new information, but as media researchers, we’d be remiss to not explore different perspectives. Next we go to the Mormons, who offer one of their trademark schmaltzy, glittering, and sentimental takes on the resurrection with a family-friendly VHS tape called EASTER DREAM. We combined this with a more typically Protestant, yet decidedly atypical Easter story — Christian LEGO enthusiast Josh Carroll’s notorious THE PASSION: A BRICKFILM, which uses LEGOs and copious amounts of fake blood to bring the dark story of Christ’s death to the playroom floor. Finally,.we splurge on a demented, fully secular Easter romp: AN EASTER BUNNY PUPPY by David DeCoteau. DeCoteau is one of our favorite filmmakers of all time, so we take great pleasure in finally introducing our gentle listeners to his bizarre body of work. We hope this Easter Special will entertain while providing a sober reminder about spiritual vigilance on this controversial holiday.

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