Chloe's Mountain (2021) feat. Hesse of Seeking Derangements

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Chloe is a rebellious goth girl with an insurmountable “mountain” in her life she must climb. Faced with the sudden death of her parents, and the sudden death of her grandmother after that, she must choose between a sinful lifestyle making music with her nonbinary-coded rock band or to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish by attending Bible college. Fitting in at school isn’t so easy, but Chloe soon finds a new best friend who shares her experiences — Nechelle, an immigrant from Sierra Leone who lost not only her biological parents, but ALSO her adoptive parents soon afterward. CHLOE’S MOUNTAIN has the distinction of being the Christian film we’ve seen with the most on or off-screen combined deaths, which is an achievement in a genre where sudden death is a frequently used trope that represents the unknowableness of God’s plan. But will Chloe’s college experience straighten her out, or will it expel her back into the world of smoking marijuana with tenderqueers? Hesse, co-host of the Seeking Derangements podcast, immerses herself in Chloe’s world with us, and reveals her picks for the greatest Catholic films of all time. Meanwhile, Scott shocks Ash by sharing a long-held spiritual secret.

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