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Genuinely accomplished actor/stuntman Mike Gassaway stars in this suburban thriller about a retired lawyer who is elected to be the monitor (the “pro bono watchman”, if you will) for the child visitations of an ex-convict dad seemingly trying to right his wrongs and gain partial custody of his 6-year-old daughter. Gassaway’s character Hank is the model of the “perfect man” or “Bob Revere” trope that we’ve identified as a common thread between the Christian/conservative media that we cover. He can do no wrong, and despite his intense demeanor (demonstrated by the way he pulls a gun on neighbors who are playing their rock music too loud), it’s clear that the film intends to portray him as the doting husband of his terminally ill, cancer-stricken wife, and an all-around good citizen who is deeply concerned with law and order. THE PRO BONO WATCHMAN does not deal with explicitly Christian themes beyond depicting multiple characters praying, and the film is not overtly political, but its insistence that a suburban white senior citizen is the last thread holding aloft the morality of the United States fits right in with our usual canon. But the real draw of THE PRO BONO WATCHMAN is something we won’t mention in this summary — it contains one of the most shocking mid-movie twists we’ve experienced since 2017’s LET THERE BE LIGHT (dir. Kevin Sorbo). We spoil the twist on this episode, but we’re warning you now to give you the option of hearing it from us or streaming the film for free on Tubi first to uncover a jaw-dropping plot detail that turns the drama of THE PRO BONO WATCHMAN up to 100%.

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