Play the Flute (2019)

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Fake sexual harassment allegations threaten to ruin a youth pastor’s reputation in the newest feature length drama by Rich Christiano (1/2 of the famous Christiano brothers, and the director behind such classics as THE SECRETS OF JONATHAN SPERRY and TIME CHANGER). When Brandon, and his beautiful wife Lisa, make it their mission to change the lives of their church’s indifferent youth group by inspiring vigorous devotion to the Bible, the couple don’t realize the challenge they’re facing. Through a series of passionate sermons, including hilariously direct reference to Christiano’s previous films, Brandon causes one particularly delinquent boy named Squirrel to stop slacking off on the job and ripping off his boss (played by legendary character actor Clint Howard). But when spoiled rich girl Shannon tries to oust Brandon by falsely claiming that he “made a pass” at her, it takes a group gaslighting campaign to bring the rest of the teens together, finally united in Christ.

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