Gone (2002) TEASER

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Two stars of the original season of Survivor appear in this bizarre rapture film set in the Philippines. This is the fourth movie we’ve covered by director Tim Chey (THE GENIUS CLUB, SLAMMA JAMMA, SUING THE DEVIL). Chey has a truly unique voice in the Christian genre and a bizarre priority in his messaging. In at least three of his films, a character goes on a monologue where he or she claims that car alarms were invented by the devil. He’s anti-evolution, anti-dog (?) and anti-lawsuit (despite making a film about suing the devil). It’s so strange to see these messages coated in y2k “cool” film techniques, as in the case with Gone, which makes constant use of digital film grain effect and typewriter font. Picture a low-budget tropical remake of the Matrix where the water turns to blood and evolution is factually disproven — you’ve got GONE.

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