All For Liberty (2009) TEASER

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Happy 4th of July to all with fear of God in their hearts and red blood pumping through their veins. Ash and Julian celebrate by taking in a Revolutionary War era historical drama that reinforces the popular Christian cultural message that America is a country explicitly founded on Christian principles. The costuming in ALL FOR LIBERTY is genuinely impressive — the cast is clearly plucked from a historical reenactment troupe, and it’s pretty amazing to see a low budget film with such a huge cast, all of whom are wearing expensive, period accurate clothing. The film is based on a true story of Swiss-German colonist Henry Felder, who was instrumental to fighting for independence in the colony of South Carolina. Seeing the action unfold, one cannot help but feel that God dealt America a major W in 1776. Even though we’ve been taking L’s ever since, we’re still #1.

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