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WELCOME TO ANOTHER KINGS COURTS 2IN1 PODCAST SELECTOR KINGRASTA28 DA ELDA JUST ROCKIN AND MEDATAING Mary J Blige:pms Foxy Brown:possibility Toni Braxton:breathe again Whitney Houston:greastest love of all Sinead O Connor:nothing compares 2 u Monica:angel of mine Mary J Blige:be with out you Teena Marie:still in love Brenda K Starr ft Mariah Carey:still belive Tina Turner:what's love got to do with it Whitney Houston:i wanna dance with somebody(loves me) Cyndi Lauper:girls just want to have fun Toni Basil:hey mickey Deniece Williams:lets hear it for the boys En Vogue:hold on Tina Turner:carring on Bette miller:from a distance Ella Mai:naked Ella Eye:we don't have to take off our clothes Janet Jackson:lets wait awhile Madonna:like a virgin Aretha Franklin:you make me feel like a natural Cyndi Lauper:time after time Cline Dion:feel like a natural woman Lil Mo:time after time Sade:bullet proof Anita Baker:body and soul Mary J Blige:im going down Martha Reeves:nowhere to run

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