How I Got Started Making Music | DIY Studio

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When I got started making music, I thought I needed all the fancy equipment and studio time. Then I found out that I could get started making music with minimal tools. I also share how to make a DIY Studio. Get My Music: My DIY Studio: SIGN UP FOR DISTROKID HERE FOR A DISCOUNT: SEND ME YOUR MUSIC: ***Now You Can Submit Your Music to Our Spotify Playlist: Keep Up With Me: Instagram: YouTube: Follow Me and My Husband's Journey RVing: Follow Our RV YouTube: ____________ Questions, Comments, Concerns? Got Questions You Want me to answer? Want to leave an encouraging word to other Black Women Making Music?Want To Leave a Review? Email: Follow Us On Instagram: Join Our Mailing List For Free Goodies and The Latest: Join Our Community: Visit Me: Submit Your Music to Our Playlist: Leave me a Voicemail (Encouragement, Questions, Comments): - Android: - iTunes: --- Send in a voice message:

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