116 | “Report of a Great Couple of Weeks of Big Woods Buck Hunting”

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  • The Stomach Flu Excuse.
  • Too Many Details!!!
  • It is all about getting on the right one at the right time.
  • Step on high spots around water and when in the woods but DON’T step on high spots when you’re in the high ground.
  • Mark describes his method of 3rd gear, 2nd gear 1st gear, death creep.
  • Joe said: " if I could have teleported myself, I would have killed him 5 times because I was familiar with the area."
  • A story develops from daylight.
  • Hal says: " you cannot control when the 2 points connect."
  • The buck didn’t care about me but cared more about the does.
  • Coyote patrol had helped last few years.
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