#098 Frameworks for Success — Dr Molly Gilmartin (AlbionVC)

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Dr Molly Gilmartin is an Investment Manager at AlbionVC who manage over $1bn in assets and have invested in companies like Arecor, Healios and Pando.

She studied Medicine at Oxford, was a founding team member of Pando, Chief Commerical Officer of Induction Healthcare, a Consultant at McKinsey and now an Investor at AlbionVC.

We talk a lot about the psychology of communication, about strength-based feedback and radical candour, about how being inquisitive can get you very far, how energy is Molly’s superpower and lots of other frameworks that Molly finds useful in her career. We finish off by discussing her thesis on the emerging B2C2B model in healthcare.

This is a really value packed interview — I hope you enjoy.

Video Interview on Youtube.

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