Ep. 142: Beauty Flashback: What beauty trends were we reading about in British Vogue in 2002?

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This week I’m taking it back, all the way back to a 2002 copy of British Vogue, to look at how we used to talk about beauty.

I've always been a big magazine collector, especially when it comes to the international editions of Vogue, and lately I've been drawn to flicking through old issues for inspiration. What I found in this 2002 issue were adverts for Dior mascara (pre DiorShow) and Estee Lauder perfume; beauty reports and articles that looked back at the Past Masters of Makeup, as well as a piece written by Business of Fashion Editor at Large Tim Blanks, about the demise of the Supermodel.

Listen in as I flick through the pages, from the front cover onwards, and reflect on how trends always seem to come back; even the current 'sad girl' downturned eye trend was around 20 years ago apparently.

I’d love to know what you think so let me know if you enjoyed sitting down with me over a vintage copy of Vogue. You can DM me on Twitter or Instagram @beautymepodcast and you can also find a special TikTok in this episode over at @charissekenion. I'm also going to share the images from the magazine on my Instagram Stories so be sure to head there and take a look! As always, it would be amazing if you could leave a review over on Apple Podcasts or give BeautyMe a five-star rating over on Spotify. Don’t forget, there’s also the BeautyMe newsletter, which you can sign up for for free at beautymenotes.substack.com. See you next time!

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