Bears On Tap: Episode 191 – 2 for 1, Training Camp and Roquan

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On this brand new edition of Bears On Tap, Bdon is joined in two parts by Quintin and Joey to discuss the happenings in the world of the Chicago Bears. Following Bdon and Quintin's Monday night show (00:00 - 36:45) in which they discussed injury updates, how players will fit into the offense, and more, Bdon is joined by Joey on a second leg of the show to discuss the Roquan Smith trade request (37:02 - 1:11:30). It's a loaded episode with two live shows of content, but it's worth tuning in for this 2 for 1 special!


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Panelists: @Bdon300 | @ButkusStats | @JoeyKnowsNothin

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