2022 09 Elevated Work

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Hello and welcome to this week's podcast by BearCat HSE training LLC. You can find more about BearCat QHSE training LLC by visiting www.bearcatqhse.com
This week we will discuss elevated work or working from heights.
So, the main takeaway about elevated work is trying to get you to think about doing things safer. Yeah, you might have gotten away with doing it the wrong way, or an unsafe way for 20 years. But one day you will do it, and you fall, and now you're not 20 years old anymore, and you wrenched your knee, or you broke your ankle. It's a whole lot harder to get over now than it was when you were 20. Because we all did stupid stuff when we were 20, right? We should learn from that stuff and improve with age. I'm just saying thank you all for tuning in. I appreciate you tuning in a whole lot, and I apologize for missing last week podcast. We had some technical difficulties which took me several days to figure out, but now we're back in business. Have a safe and productive week.

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