Episode 155 - Thoughts on the first week

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Today we discuss what’s gone well and poorly for the Leafs in their opening week. Timestamps: The Petr Mrazek injury [1:40] Jack Campbell’s strong start [5:01] The Leafs’ best skater so far (surprise, it’s William Nylander) [10:34] The shutdown line of David Kampf, Ondrej Kase, and Pierre Engvall, their success, and the possible galaxy braining of 5v5 ice-time allocations [18:52] Possible changes in the Leafs’ offensive shot choices and their implications [29:25] A tale of two complementary left wingers (Michael Bunting and Nick Ritchie) [37:44] Mitch Marner’s performance so far [45:39] Jake Muzzin’s struggles, last night notwithstanding, and Timothy Liljegren’s audition [49:45] Access media in sports journalism [58:45]

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