AvTalk Episode 183: Closing down, Opening up

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On this week’s episode of AvTalk, we look at the aviation effects of Hurricane Ian, check in on ICAO’s 41st assembly in Montreal, and try to understand how a rumor took off before we even knew it was on the runway.

Hurricane Ian passes through Florida

Eviation’s Alice electric plane flies for the first time

FAA issues new Vertiport rules

US DOT proposes new rules for airline pricing

Hong Kong, Japan, Canada drop Covid restrictions

  • Hong Kong scraps hotel quarantine
  • Japan is open visa-free from October 11
  • Canada dropping all restrictions from October 1

Copa Airlines 737 goes offroading

Swift (West Atlantic) 737 just wants a drink

Virgin Atlantic joins SkyTeam

British Airways and Qatar Airways further join themselves

New airlines, new orders

  • MSC Group is starting an airline, to be operated by Atlas Air
  • Xiamen Air order 40 A320neo aircraft

A weird weekend of rumors

  • Over the weekend misleading photos and data from Flightradar24 were used to support rumors of a coup in China. We explain the bizarre situation.

Please click here for a transcript of this episode.

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