Auto Retail Live 23 September 2022

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New car supply is short, order banks are long but a looming recession means consumer demand is uncertain. While fleet registrations have taken the brunt of the recent declines in new car sales retail numbers have held up well. However, the simple fact that fewer new cars are entering the market is now impacting used car volumes and putting pressure on aftersales. Auto Retail Live will examine the data, discuss hands-on experience and offer advice about how to get the most out of the latter half of 2022. In Auto Retail Live’s Business Briefing we’ll have Jason Cranswick, COO of Marubeni Auto Investment (UK) which owns RRG and Norton Way, Tom Slack, group manager for strategy and innovation at Ron Brooks Motor Group, plus Marc Palmer, brand director, Auto Trader available online to answer your questions and share their experience of how best to operate in the current market. In this Auto Retail Live broadcast we’ll also be investigating how retailers can best help customers and hit their new and used car targets. Key topics for discussion include: Judging the impact of inflationary pressures on consumer spending Used car pricing outlook New car supply vs order take Staying ahead in aftersales

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