Auto Retail Live 12 July 2022

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With rising online customer communication, the switch from franchised to agency models and advancing technology the digital space between the retailer, manufacturer and consumer is set to undergo significant change. In our next webinar and report of the same title; Technology and process – a revolution in auto retailing, we’ll be examining this space, finding out how significant it is and looking at data control and what it means for the industry. This Auto Retail Live, in partnership with CitNOW Group, will examine the space from the perspective of the main stakeholders, looking at the systems involved, data ownership, the technology, how far we’ve come so far and what’s next for auto retail. In Auto Retail Live’s Technology and process webinar we’ll have Ken Savage from Perrys Group, Dale Wyatt from Suzuki, marketing consultant Ian Godbold and Alistair Horsburgh from CitNOW Group available online to answer your questions and share their views on how best to operate in this evolving market. Key topics for discussion include: How industry structure changed due to technology Impact on the customer: is buying online easier? Impact on the retailer: who controls the data? Impact on the manufacturer: does technology bring efficiency The future: Can suppliers deliver everything the consumers, retailers and manufacturers want?

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