179: How to Be a Great Interviewer with Andrew Warner

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Andrew Warner wrote ​​STOP ASKING QUESTIONS How to Lead High-Impact Interviews And Learn Anything from Anyone. It's a definitive guide to how to have a deep meaningful online conversation based on over 2,000 podcast interviews he has done consistently for over 14 years. Today, he talks about his process of writing the book as well as some great insights on listening, writing, and telling stories.

What We Discuss with Andrew Warner:

  • The impetus behind writing the book as a legacy project
  • Having someone to stick with him through his writing process
  • How the pandemic helped him through his book writing
  • Letting your guests tell their stories
  • Taking action on resistance and pushing through
  • Why do people prefer to be heard rather than helped?
  • Thoughts on the educational system
  • Doing it for the conversation, not just the audience
  • Finding your “motivated” moments

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