178: Can Death Bring You Joy? With Margaret Meloni

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In this week’s episode of “Authors Who Lead,” I talk with Margaret about her newest book, "Sitting With Death: Buddhist Insights to Help You Face Your Fears and Live a Peaceful Life,” and how she feels that death can actually bring joy. Margaret Meloni has confronted death multiple times and, by turning to her Buddhist faith, she learned to make peace with the unknown. And as she studied and learned more about death, she found herself inspired to help others cope with it, too.

What We Discuss with Margaret Meloni:

  • Why Talk About Death?
  • Showing Up with as Much Life as Death Will Allow
  • Understanding and Coming to Terms with Death
  • Where Does the Joy Come From in Death?
  • Lessons from Buddhists
  • How to Prepare for Death — and Talk About It

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