176: Writing a book can save your life with Heather Lee Dyer

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Heather Dyer is a young adult science fiction writer, specifically in space opera. But today, we're going to dive into her new book around urban fantasy. She also talks about what it's like to write when you move to other genres. Heather has written 18 books now, writing is a way for her to help heal her own body and transform her life.

What We Discuss with Heather Dyer:

  • What it’s like writing a nonfiction book being a strong fiction writer
  • The impetus behind writing her first fiction book
  • Watching the transformation of other authors in their group
  • Focusing on the adventure and not on the survival
  • Choosing which parts of her life to include in her book
  • The difference between coaching fiction vs. non fiction authors
  • Ways to generate ideas for the book
  • Character development tips and strategies

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