168: How do writers find flow? with David Brower and Gido Schimanski

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David Brower & Gido Schimanski are authors I have been working with. Today, they talk about their book writing process, how they started, and how they ultimately found a new process that allowed them to connect with their authentic selves, finding their flow, and transforming in the process.

What We Discuss with David Brower & Gido Schimanski:

  • A creative process that’s transformative
  • Their impetus for creating a book
  • Giving yourself permission to be and let go
  • Feeling emotional liberation as you’re writing
  • The power of creating a mind map
  • Why writing is all about the flow and what that means
  • Breaking yourself free from the human conditioning
  • How the true success of a book is measured
  • Why a book should serve the author first before anyone else

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