183: It's Never Too Late to Write a Book with Barbara Hinskey

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In this episode, attorney and novelist, Barbara Hinske, talks about her new book, The Unexpected Path, from the series, Guiding Emily: A Tale of Love, Loss, and Courage, as well as her mystery thriller collection, The Rosemont series. Her book, The Christmas Club was made into a Hallmark Channel movie. Elizabeth started writing her book at 58 years old, a sweet testament that it’s never too late to write!

What We Discuss with Barbara Hinske:

  • Transitioning from full-time attorney to full-time author
  • Elizabeth’s process for writing a series
  • The success that comes with a persistent willingness to learn
  • Her book writing journey when she started at age 58
  • Her inspiration behind writing The Unexpected Path
  • How your perceptions of your own characters change
  • How her book turned into a Hallmark movie
  • Writing special qualities about your character

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