182: Landing a Book Publishing Deal with Jadah Sellner

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The biggest mistake I see authors make is thinking that they have to be perfect, or that their message has to be so clear. But what does it really take for authors to truly get their message out? In this episode, Jadah Sellner and I, talk about the importance of digging into the heart of the stories you want to tell, as well as writing from what we know versus writing a book from who we are.

What We Discuss with Jadah Sellner:

  • The evolution of our thought process as we’re writing a book
  • Getting into the core message of the book you’re writing
  • A deepening self-awareness as part of the book-writing journey
  • The concept of pedagogy and the challenges of education
  • Finding the balance between being vulnerable and showing up
  • The power of leaning into your vulnerability
  • What makes a good teacher
  • Building relationships and trust within ourselves
  • Writing transactional versus transformational books

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