180: The Ultimate Sacrifice with Michelle Black

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Michelle Black is the author of Sacrifice: A Gold Star Widow's Fight for the Truth. Michelle is the widow of Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, a Green Beret killed and ambushed in an ISIS militant attack. In this episode, she shares how she came about discovering the truths of her husband's death, as well as her process in writing this book.

What We Discuss with Michelle Black:

  • The foreboding feeling leading up to her husband’s death
  • Gathering the courage to talk about it in her book
  • When she had to put the puzzle pieces together
  • A calculated decision that cost her husband’s life
  • Finding the truth behind Bryan’s death
  • Writing the book in the hope to bring justice
  • Not about the talent or ability, but the unwillingness to quit
  • Michelle’s process and some lessons through her book writing process

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