174: More success by playing the long game with Dorie Clark

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An expert in self-reinvention, Dorie Clark talks about how to be a long-term thinker in the short-term world. Dorie is a consultant and keynote speaker who teaches executive education at Duke University's School of Business and Columbia University's Graduate School of Business. Named one of the top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50, Dorie is also the number one communications coach in the world by Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coaches Award.

What We Discuss with Dorie Clark:

  • Practicing habits so it’s easier for you to say no
  • Why people struggle with understanding the long game
  • Execution of your strategy is key!
  • Why you need to allot 20% of your time exploring new things
  • A message to the naysayers
  • The power of having goals
  • Authorship as Dorie’s long-game tool
  • Finding your soulmate career

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